We are greatly saddened by the passing of Keith Sissons and extend our deepest condolences to his wife Shirley, his family and his many friends.

Keith Sissons was a founding member of the Historic Aircraft Association, and in 2013 was awarded the status of Honorary Vice-President, in recognition of his years of dedication to the operation and displaying of historic aeroplanes.

Keith began flying when he was a teenager and gained his private pilots licence at the age of 17. He obtained a job flying freight and gained experience on various fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, spending much of his time flying to and from Africa. Keith married Shirley in 1957 and a year later he became a full-time airline pilot , eventually flying CL-44’s with Transmeridian Air Cargo.

Keith became well-known especially for his love of water-based flying and for many years was the driving force behind the operation of the Tiger Club’s rare Tiger Moth floatplane. Some years later he was to be a leading figure with the Plane Sailing team, operating and displaying the much admired PBY Catalina flying boat. His close friendship with fellow pilot Ted White began a long association with the famous B-17 Flying Fortress¬†Sally-B, and in 1989 Keith piloted the aircraft in the lead roll of the movie Memphis Belle.

Throughout his career, Keith was also an active member with the Tiger Club at Headcorn in Kent. He flew a variety of light aircraft and served with the club as an instructor and mentor. As a senior and much respected figure in the historic aircraft community, Keith remained a committed member of the HAA council until failing health finally prompted a well-earned retirement.

Keith with his wife Shirley in 2013 on receiving his Honorary Vice Presidency of the HAA