The HAA annually presents two trophies; the Conrod Trophy and the Daroll Stinton Memorial Trophy, from nominations from the membership and chosen by the management committee.

Conrod Trophy

The trophy recognises outstanding contributions to the preservation and safe operation of historic aircraft and the trophy itself is created from a conrod donated to the HAA by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.




Previous winners:

1996/7            Bill Bowker
1997/8            Chris Morris
1998/9            Henry Labouchere
1999/2000    Ben and Ian Cooper, Newbury Aeroplane Company
2000/01         Stephen Grey and The Fighter Collection
2001/02         Mike Collett, Air Atlantique
2002/03         Royal Navy Historic Flight
2003/04         Paul Day
2004/05         Ellie Sallingboe
2005/06         Andy Sephton
2006/07         Peter Vacher
2009/10         Retrotec
2010/11          Skysport Engineering
2012/13          Meteor Flight
2013/14          Vulcan to the Sky
2014/15          Aircraft Restoration Company
2015/16          Plane Sailing
2018                 Air Leasing
2019                 Cambridge Flying Group
2020                 Shuttleworth Events Team



Darrol Stinton Memorial Trophy

The Darrol Stinton Memorial Trophy is an award presented by the HAA for an individual  who has made a personal contribution of major significance to the benefit of historic aviation in the UK.

Darrol Stinton was a former Farnborough and Civil Aviation Authority Test Pilot and founder member of the Historic Aircraft Association.

In the 1970s whilst working for the CAA as a Test Pilot, Darrol was test flying an increasing number of historic, classic and vintage types for which civilian owners were seeking Permits to Fly.  In 1978, in answer to CAA concerns about the ability of private owners to properly maintain and display heritage aircraft, Darrol together with Hawker Chief Test Pilot Duncan Simpson and a Council of 4 other Test Pilots, established the Historic Aircraft Association. Their aim was create an association that would monitor air display and piloting standards, share information and make appropriate recommendations to the CAA.  The work of the HAA introduced The Register of Pilots that were accepted and approved to undertake the air show display of historic aircraft.  Darrol’s aim was to ensure that historic aircraft were reliable to fly, and would be flown by “good egg” pilots beyond reproach who could be relied upon to fly them safely.

For more than three decades, Darrol worked as a Vice-President of the Association and the excellent safety record of historic aircraft at air shows across the UK is part of his fine legacy. He helped create the system of “Display Authorisation” which evaluated the performance of individual pilots and helped frame regulations which ensured that any potential display incidents were kept away from crowds.

Following Darrol’s death in 2013 the HAA instituted a new trophy in his memory to be awarded in recognition of outstanding individual achievement in the operation and preservation of historic aircraft.  This trophy is awarded annually to an individual who is considered by the membership of the HAA to have made a great contribution to British Historic Aviation.



Previous winners:

2013    David Ogilvy
2014    Desmond Penrose
2015    Stephen Grey
2016    Stuart McKay
2017    Guy Black
2018    Roger “Dodge” Bailey
2019    Cliff Spink
2021    Charlie Brown


Colin Dodds Memorial Trophy

The Colin Dodds Memorial Trophy for the Young Historic Pilot Of The Year is to be awarded annually to a young pilot flying historic types under the banner of the HAA.
The TCDMT recipients are to be from 18 years of age to 30 years of age determined by birthday dates falling within the HAA year of 1st November to 31 st October and to coincide with the HAA Annual Symposium.

Squadron Leader Colin Dodds was a member of the Historic Aircraft Association from its earliest formation and served on its Council – later the Management Committee – for more than 3 decades
eventually being appointed a Vice President in 2019. He served as Deputy Chairman from 1995 until 2018. An ex-RAF pilot and Vulcan captain Colin Dodds was also an enthusiastic De Havilland aircraft aviator. He was very much a doyen of the historic aircraft world flying Tiger Moth, Dragon Rapide, Piston Provost, Dh Dove and the North American Harvard. Always keen to promote and protect  historic aviation Colin also supported the Brooklands Museum as their appeals director raising considerable funds for the Museum. He was an Air Display Authorisation Evaluator, Display Safety Committee Chairman and an Air Display Director. Colin also wrote an historical book published in 2005 – ‘The Story of De Haviland Dragon Types”. Following his death in 2020 his family donated the silver goblet trophy to the HAA in his memory as The Colin Dodds Young Historic Pilot Trophy.