The Historic Aircraft Association Council is the managing body of the Association and comprises a President with 3 Vice Presidents, a Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, Secretary, Treasurer and 9 other members all of which are honorary positions.

The Council is responsible for the policy and administration of the HAA on behalf of the members. The aims of the Council are to promote and protect the interests of its members and those of the wider historic, heritage, vintage and veteran aircraft community in the UK. The Council meets 5 times a year to conduct the business of the HAA, and Council members give much of their free time to execute the day-to-day management of the HAA.

The main body of the Council are voluntary positions generally at invitation by Council. All Council members serve in an honorary capacity and do not receive any remuneration for their contribution in time and effort to the HAA. The HAA Constitution requires that the positions of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer be elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting.

Term of office for the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer is one year. They may offer themselves for re-election at the end of their term.

The President is an invited appointment by majority of the Council. Term of office is determined by the Council in consultation with the President who may decide when to retire from the appointment. The 3 Vice Presidents are life-time positions appointed by majority vote by the Council in recognition for service to the HAA. It is not an automatic transition but a President on retirement would be offered a life-term Vice-President position subject to vacancy.

Additional Council members are invited from representatives of other associations to foster close relations between organisations with common interests in the vintage, veteran, heritage aircraft, and air display communities both in the UK and in the EU.