Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association UK (AOPA UK) is a member of the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations (IAOPA). With a total membership of over 400,000 in 50 countries, it is the largest association for pilots in the world.

All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation promotes the objective – as set out by British Government – of making the United Kingdom the best country in the world for General Aviation, and to stimulate interest in the sector. Our goal is to ensure that General Aviation inspires both current and future generations to take up science, technology, engineering and mathematics, thereby creating high-tech jobs and growth in all nations and regions of our economy. In order to achieve this objective, the All-Party Parliamentary Group believes that a network of General Aviation airfields must be protected and enhanced by the government.

General Aviation Awareness Council
The GAAC is the most representative UK body in General Aviation and is recognised as such by Government, the CAA and others to be the organisation that speaks for General Aviation on planning and environmental issues.

General Aviation Safety Council
GASCo is a Charity that works to improve flight safety in all forms of general aviation. It is funded by the contributions of member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and the public. It is also a negotiating organisation with an office and three part-time staff at Rochester Airport, Kent.

Honourable Company of Air Pilots
The Air Pilots are a body of people interested in every kind of flying; whether it’s light aircraft for pleasure or sport, whether it’s commercial, passenger or service; and who want to talk about flying and improve the techniques of flying and of airmanship.

Light Aircraft Association
The most dynamic, active and experienced flying association in the UK! The LAA is open to all pilots, aircraft owners/operators and enthusiasts. The LAA keeps flying affordable and fun! All types of aircraft are included from sub 115kg, micro-lights, home builds, Vintage & Classic and owners of C of A types. Piloting techniques can be brushed up or taught by the LAA Coaches. Members meet regularly at Struts or clubs around the country and organise social and flying events. Most importantly, the LAA is in continual discussions with the regulators in both the UK and Europe to keep General Aviation affordable, fun and with the minimum of regulation.