Open for nominations

The HAA make two awards annually.  The first is the Conrod Trophy which this year was presented to Richard Grace on behalf of Air Leasing at the Display Pilots Briefing at the Duxford May Air Festival in May. Air Leasing had 20 years experience of operating the ‘Grace Spitfire’, and have since their move to Sywell have completed a rapidly growing list of restorations such as Seafire LF III G-BUAR, the unique two-seat Hispano Buchon, with projects including Mk.XII Spitfire and more Buchons of the single-seat variety.

The second award is the Darrol Stinton Memorial Trophy which last year was presented to Guy Black at the HAA Symposium at the RAF Museum for his efforts in locating, rescuing and resurrecting to flying condition a range of iconic British biplanes and returning to the skies iconic types thought long extinct, most notably the Hawker Nimrods and unique Fury biplane, and most recently the DH9. Guy’s companies are also noted as key suppliers of components making possible the continued operation of historic aircraft such as the Hawker Hurricane.

Nominations are invited from HAA members for the Darrol Stinton Memorial Trophy to the HAA Management Committee for the award which is due to be presented at this year’s HAA Symposium at the RAF Museum. Nominations should be emailed the HAA Secretary.


who has made a personal contribution of major significance to the benefit of historic aviation in the UK.

 It is the role of the HAA Management Committee is to decide each year on the recipients selected from nominations made by the HAA membership.