We recently received an email from Kenneth Hodges who kindly sent some photos from 2007 when HAA VP Desmond Penrose visited a WACO  club fly-in in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Kenneth comments ” I witnessed him talking to Glen Peck, the man who led the restoration, and asking if he could have a ride in the plane, only to have Mr. Peck tell him “no”, because there was no available second seat in the forward cockpit (the plane was configured as an airmail plane). He did tell Mr. Penrose that he was welcome to fly it, though. After a short checkride in a Stearman biplane and about 10 minutes of cockpit familiarization in the DH4, I watched Mr. Penrose take off and fly several laps around the pattern, looking all the while as though he’d been born in the aircraft.

To see the photos in the gallery, click on the link Airco DH4