The Strategic Review

We announced last December that the HAA Council had launched a Strategic Review. The aim of that review was to take a fresh look at the Association and to ask:

If the HAA did not exist, would the historic aircraft community be motivated to form such an association today?

As many of you know, a Strategic Review Task Force (SRTF) was enlisted to consider a number of issues including –

– The HAA Mission Statement.

– The proposal for Self-Administration.

– HAA Structure.

– HAA Branding.

– Composition of Membership.

– Current and future Finances.

– The Wider Context.


The SRTF was very thorough in its review of the HAA and presented the following findings:

  • The HAA should continue as the representative association of the historic aircraft community in the UK.

  • The current Mission Statement ought to be modified to place greater emphasis on and encompass both flight operations and engineering of historic aircraft.

  • The services to the historic aircraft community for flight operations and industry engineering, inclusive of continuing airworthiness, should be the raison d’etre of the HAA.

  • There should be a new construct of the organisation of the HAA as proposed in SRTF presentation at the 2017 AGM. There should be an executive Board with working groups dedicated to the various task functions as outlined in the new structure.

The SRTF considered that whilst SAM had merit and could provide the historic aircraft community with many of the answers it sought, further work at this stage would be wasted effort. It could even be considered an impediment to the immediate progress of the HAA. For the time being it had to be accepted that it was placed on hold since the CAA were not prepared to accept the concept whilst the fallout from Shoreham continued.


  1. The SRTF was firm in its resolve that the need for a representative Association still exists and the HAA was that association.

  1. The SRTF concluded that the HAA needs to do a much better job of representing the best interests of the historic aircraft community.

  1. The SRTF concluded that the HAA needs to re-organise and set up working groups that would attract younger, active members to energise its direction toward becoming the engineering and operational representative body that would truly promote and protect the interests of the philanthropic owners of historic aircraft.

  1. The SRTF further concluded that the cultivation of the ordinary membership should continue through the Annual Symposium, regular “behind the scenes” visits, and promotional advantages that could be developed.


The SRTF recommended that action items of immediate priority were:

  • Restructure of the Association – The proposed organogram is produced below to show how the HAA is being re-organised.

  • Arrange talks with the LAA Executive to explore the possibility of the HAA becoming a sub-set of the LAA. (in hand)

  • Assist operators with preparation of their SSAC applications by preparing a template together with the CAA GAU. (Regrettably this suggestion was not immediately accepted by the CAA but we will continue to strive to achieve this for members)


  • The new HAA structure is being put in place.

  • Talks with the LAA, VAC and AOPA are being scheduled to take place soon.

  • In support of this new look the website is being massively upgraded.

  • Arrangements for the 2017 Symposium are going ahead.

  • The political lobbying efforts will continue to keep moving slowly forward with our efforts to achieve delegated responsibilities from the CAA for airworthiness, flight operations and safety management.


In order to make the new structure work, we need the collective support of the historic aircraft industry and individual support from our members. In particular, the HAA needs volunteers from the membership to support the activities required to keep the Association alive and effective. We need people with relevant experience to lead and to work within the five new teams on operations, engineering, representation, marketing and commercial activities. Members are urgently requested to step forward and make the Association work for you. Join us and keep historic aircraft in the air where they belong.

O W Epton

Chair HAA

1st August 2017



This statement is available as a PDF from the link below.