The HAA are supporting the campaign to keep the Desford aircraft flying rather than as a static exhibit in a museum. After many years of effort to restore this unique aircraft and which has nearly completed its test flights for issuing of a Permit to Fly, the HAA calls for Leicester County Council to delay any decision to place it in a museum and ensure it is seen flying by the maximum number of people.

The aircraft celebrates a special era of innovation both in Leicestershire, where it was based at Desford Aerodrome, and elsewhere, representing cutting edge experimentation. It was used for the evaluation of the ‘prone position pilot’ testing to assess the feasibility of such a configuration to reduce the effect of G-forces on the pilot’s body.

Having the aircraft displayed at air shows, even temporarily, would enable far greater public access to, and interpretation of, its history as well as Leicestershire‘s contributions to aviation innovation, than a static display, even in the best regional aviation museum. We do believe that Newark Air Museum would offer a good, secure long-term home, however we would recommend first allowing this heritage asset to be seen in the air by a wider audience.

The HAA continues to engage and work for a positive outcome.

 (Banner photo by Philip Stevens)

(photo Steve Slater)