Humbled by being possibly the least experienced pilot to be co-opted to the committee, Stephen believes this is proof that even low hours private pilots can, should and do benefit from the learning opportunities offered by the wealth of experience in the Historic Aircraft Association.

After perhaps the best part of three decades as a ground-based enthusiast, Stephen eventually got round to completing his PPL in 2004. His hand was forced somewhat by the acquisition of a single-seat Luton Minor aeroplane in need of some TLC, before he’d even started on his lessons!

Both the Luton Minor and Stephen were deemed airworthy at about the same time. Since then, Stephen has flown as often as work, funds and family permit, gaining experience on a range of odd old aeroplanes including a Tiger Moth, an Indian-built Hindustan Pushpak, a FRED and most recently a 1947 Tipsy Trainer. He and colleague Matt Boddington are currently restoring a replica 1914 BE-2c observation biplane.

Stephen’s ‘day job’ is as a journalist, PR person and broadcaster with his own agency, Kingpin Media, working with the motor industry and motor racing. Hopefully the HAA will benefit from some Formula One PR spin-offs!