The aim of the Register is to provide a repository of expertise and knowledge in the operating and maintaining of historic aircraft that can be accessed by anyone who requires it. The list of members who are willing to participate will be held by the Membership Secretary. Information about the Technical Register will be on the HAA website and any enquiries will be directed through the Membership Secretary. The enquirer will be asked to give a brief outline of the enquiry which will then be forwarded to the appropriate person along with the contact details of the enquirer.YOUR CONTACT DETAILS WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE WEBSITE OR BE DIVULGED WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.As some members are involved in businesses that rely on their technical expertise they may wish to charge for their services. That should be made clear at point of contact and a fee negotiated between the parties. If you are would like to be included on the register please complete the downloadable PDF form and return it to me.

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