Having spent over 26 years in the RAF, the majority of the first 12 years were spent on the
Vulcan Display Flight and the Red Arrows. Undertaking 2 nd and 1 st line maintenance, included
flying back seat with the Red's. I then moved on to the real Air Force, working on the E3D
Sentry and the F3 Tornado. The last 6 years of service I was part of the Sentry Integrated
Project Team (IPT) supervising multi-trades during trial installations and modifications, as well
as briefing OEM’s and International Communities. In this role I was responsible for writing and
implementing various service procedures and modifications. Taking early retirement from the
RAF, I spent the next 11 years as part of the team restoring Vulcan XH558 back to flight. I
ultimately took over the role of Chief Engineer during the flying phase and Director of
Engineering post flight with responsibility for all Engineering activities. Since being made
redundant, I have specialised in Quality, becoming the Quality Manager for the Light Aircraft
Association (LAA), AerospaceNDT and Horizon Aircraft Services Limited. However, during my
spare time, I still maintain XH558 in a running condition and am now also part of the team
restoring Lancaster NX611(Just Jane) to flight. For the last 3 years I have been a member of
the Historic Aircraft Association (HAA) Executive Committee, as the Engineering

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